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Materials and Process

25 February 2008 by cat

For the past few weeks I’ve been lacking in creative juices. This has meant that I’ve done very little work for Uni. So on Saturday I thought “What did I used to do when I couldn’t get work done??” I had a rather useful idea of painting. I haven’t painted anything in a while.

For my materials and process project I’m looking at the effects of Bi-Polar Disorder on the visual perception. I started with the title “loss of insight” – words chosen at random from a conversation with my mother over my sister’s recent mental health troubles (asking whether it was loss of insight or realisation of needing help).

So today I present to you my latest painting!

The image that I used to paint from was one I took at the Imperial War Museum North (in Salford Quays).

The painting has really got my head into gear. I now need to get some sketchbook work done!

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