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Pink Tentacle

8 December 2009 by cat

Recently I’ve been knitting toys – little toys. I’ve also been making my own patterns up. The patterns are going to be made available at somepoint.

Pink Tentacle

May I introduce Pink Tentacle (they will be renamed I’m sure by the final owner!) – this is the only Pink Tentacle.

Bill Detail

This tentacle took a few hours to make. I’m quite proud of this one – the wool isn’t the easiest to work with and its much finer double knit than I’m used to working with.

Sucker Detail

These suckers are just fantastic if I do say so myself!

I hope that Pink Tentacle is happy in their new home after the 25th December.

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  1. Kay Norman says:

    Lurve the tentacles! sooo clever. Gonna big up your knitting talents on twitter – if that’s okay with you.

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