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  1. Last Of My Kitties My Flash

    September 18, 2009 by cat

    Just after dinner this evening Apollo came in from the cold. Thankfully I had some chicken leftover and he was quite happy to pose for the chicken.

    Apollo (aged 4 years 3 months)

  2. My Kitties My Flash

    September 17, 2009 by cat

    In recent weeks I realised that I had no up to date photographs of the cats. Recently we got some “Yongnuo” CTR-301P Wireless Flash Trigger, which frankly they are the best set of triggers I’ve had my hands on.

    So I’ve been playing with the new triggers and off camera flash. At the moment I’m only playing with a single flash gun (although I can up to a second thanks to the Vivitar 285HV working happily with the triggers).

    In no particular order

    Hannah (aged 12 years)

    Hathor (aged 6 years)

    Henery (aged 8 years)

    Seti (aged 6 years)

    Squeaker (aged 4 years)

    Walnut (aged 16 months)

    That’s all the cats, bar Apollo (aged 4 years) who hasn’t been around to photograph for a few days. I’ll be getting a photograph of him as soon as I possibly can.

    Each of these photographs was taken in the cat’s favoured place. Hannah being in bed, Seti near my dad in the living room, Walnut on the stairs, Henery on top of the fridge, Hathor under the bed and Squeaker at the top of the stairs (well he likes to hide..). So I hope you like them.

  3. Project 365 Days 27 to 38

    April 23, 2009 by cat

    So, with all this exhibition prep you’d be right to think my other projects are getting squeezed for time. In this selection there are two photos that were taken on Why Photography shoots – you’ll have to guess which!

    This is Nick Harris, a GeekUp regular.

    Newly fixed pinhole camera cap for my Canon bodies. Just in time for Pinhole Photography Day – this coming Sunday.

    Kian took me up Rivington – ended up getting a dent in the driver’s door on the car that day! But also went up Rivington for the first time (nevermind living here for 3 years nearly!)

    This is my friend Jenna. She’s somewhat shy around cameras..

    Walnut has turned rather photogenic lately – not like she hasn’t been all along – just more so recently!

    The rest of the gallery.

    Right I’d better go get ready for We Will Rock You!(be warned there be music!).

  4. Lighting Playtime – On Board Flash Defuser

    September 16, 2008 by cat

    As the caption from the images says:-
    “Captured with Canon 10D, on camera flash with a home-made “stofen”-like defuser about a foot away from the subject. The defuser is made out of a film reel canister with a cut about a cm wide to accommodate the flash unit.”

    For a while I’ve been having to use sheets of paper with any photograph that needed flash (and not using the Vivitar 285HV) with under 5ft between camera and subject (many of my portraits, macro-ish shots, etc) to defuse the on board flash. Well, no more! I now have a defuser and it came free with film!

    On top of all that – I’ve not had to edit the file, just convert it to jpg.

  5. Project 365 – Day 50-56

    May 15, 2008 by cat

    Here’s a week’s worth. It’s been a very heavy week getting stuff done and sorted (including two day at Chez Parents). Hope you enjoy.

    13th May 2008

    12th May 2008

    11th May 2008

    10th May 2008

    9th May 2008

    8th May 2008

    7th May 2008

  6. Project 365 – Day 27

    April 15, 2008 by cat

    April 14th 2008

    Pretty sunlight 🙂

    I’m still rather ill. At least got some photos.

  7. Day 19 of Project 365

    April 6, 2008 by cat

    6th April 2008

    I’ve worked out at what distance I can use my on board camera flash – 5 feet! Isn’t my baby boy (yes, that’s Apollo) a cutie pie?

  8. The elephants went in two by two

    September 15, 2007 by cat

    Chester Zoo Gallery

    Today I went to Chester Zoo. The day started later than I was intending. I got to the train station in time to watch my first train disappearing and then there was a 20 minute wait to get a train that got me into Manchester in time for my second train to just be leaving too and the next one wasn’t for an hour!

    Thankfully I was travelling with Kian and Nikki G (and Jenni), so we went for coffee (well they had coffee I had Orange Juice).

    Eventually we got the train to Chester, eat on the way to save time and tackled a few buses to get to the Zoo.

    At the zoo we headed straight for the “Twilight Zone – Bat Cave”. Sadly none of the photos turned out well (above the size of my LCD on camera), which is a shame, but expected.

    This is a rough order of what we saw: deer, rhino, peacock, bats, tapirs, llamas, Common Rheas, llamas, bear, zebra, deer, small monkeys, peacock, monkey house, camel, donkey, lions, tigers (though we couldn’t see any!), penguins, flamingos, jaguar, ants, snake, giraffe & elephants.

    All today’s photos have been shot with a Canon 10D Tamron 28-75mm f2.8 (throughout) in P mode (with various ISOs). Hit rate has been 1:~2.6 (used to unused photos).

    Kian was also shooting today. His work will be up in due course.

  9. Knitted Monkey

    August 2, 2007 by cat

    ISO 400, 62mm, f5.6, 1/60th, flash at 1/4 strength. All taken with Canon 10D and a Tamron Di IF 28-75mm f2.8.

    This is my latest knitting project, a long armed and legged monkey. Put the finishing touches to him today so I could try out my new lighting stand/umbrella, flash gun and light metre.

    The final layout of lighting stand/umbrella was off to the left of frame, pointed down towards the subject, with a plain white reflector off to the right of frame bouncing in some fill lighting to the shadow area on that side of the face and body.

    Light metre is a *wonderful* toy, made the shoot 20 minutes (a few different shots/lighting rigs) rather than hours (OK, slight exaggeration!).

    Monkey Gallery

    CC is always welcome. And thanks to my wonderful assistant, Kian.