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Bye Bye Apollo

29 March 2012 by cat

This was not the next blog post I was expecting to write.

On Tuesday I wasn’t very well. I had a bath in the middle of the night, and as usual, both the cats came to check on me (well see if they could have an early breakfast). That was between 3 and 5am. The day went on as a slow day, until I got a knock on the door at about noon. One of the lady’s from the allotments across the road came over to ask me if Apollo lived here. She had found him under a bush just inside the allotments. So I wandered over and she was right. He apparently had a lie down in a favoured spot and not got back up.

She and another lady told me tales of Apollo’s charming exploits. They told me of his Sunday afternoon’s in their greenhouse, and his own chair, of the number of people that loved his attention and of him trying to get the frogs in the ponds. We brought him home and wrapped him up and let Walnut see him, before going to the vet.

Our vet looked him over to check that it wasn’t poison or trauma. She thinks that his heart simply gave out.

He was 6years old nearly 7. He came to me as a sweet 3 month old 6 years ago. He was shy and unsure of himself, people ,and other cats when he came to me. By the number of neighbours that have spoken to us since he was found, I can happily say he became a much loved, charming tom.

I will miss him joining us in the middle of the bed, or sleeping on his back next to me on the sofa. He was a loving and caring little boy. Goodbye my friend, Apollo.

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