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Project 365 Days 27 to 38

23 April 2009 by cat

So, with all this exhibition prep you’d be right to think my other projects are getting squeezed for time. In this selection there are two photos that were taken on Why Photography shoots – you’ll have to guess which!

This is Nick Harris, a GeekUp regular.

Newly fixed pinhole camera cap for my Canon bodies. Just in time for Pinhole Photography Day – this coming Sunday.

Kian took me up Rivington – ended up getting a dent in the driver’s door on the car that day! But also went up Rivington for the first time (nevermind living here for 3 years nearly!)

This is my friend Jenna. She’s somewhat shy around cameras..

Walnut has turned rather photogenic lately – not like she hasn’t been all along – just more so recently!

The rest of the gallery.

Right I’d better go get ready for We Will Rock You!(be warned there be music!).

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