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Why photography? First day of shooting

7 March 2009 by cat

Today was the first set of shoots for my project “Why Photography?” which will be exhibited in late April/early May.

Tootdood’s metaphoto (photograph of a photograph being taken…etc..)

The first person I was intending to see was Tootdood. He was the first person I could arrange to see about why he does photography. I was very pleased that Tootdood introduced me to AirAdam. Adam agreed to join the project too. Which makes him another of my favorite people!

While photographing AirAdam, Pixel.Eight wandered across us. Once AirAdam wandered to do some more photography, myself and Pixel.Eight wandered around Market Street, Piccadilly Gardens and upto Victoria train station too, chatting and discussion photography.

Today I have shot 18 frames on the Mamiya C220 with either the 55mm or 80mm lenses. Been using Kodak Tri-X 400. Gonna dev in Kodak TMAX when I’ve finished the second roll.

Looking forward to further shooting!

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