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Knitted Monkey

2 August 2007 by cat

ISO 400, 62mm, f5.6, 1/60th, flash at 1/4 strength. All taken with Canon 10D and a Tamron Di IF 28-75mm f2.8.

This is my latest knitting project, a long armed and legged monkey. Put the finishing touches to him today so I could try out my new lighting stand/umbrella, flash gun and light metre.

The final layout of lighting stand/umbrella was off to the left of frame, pointed down towards the subject, with a plain white reflector off to the right of frame bouncing in some fill lighting to the shadow area on that side of the face and body.

Light metre is a *wonderful* toy, made the shoot 20 minutes (a few different shots/lighting rigs) rather than hours (OK, slight exaggeration!).

Monkey Gallery

CC is always welcome. And thanks to my wonderful assistant, Kian.

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  1. Kaaaaaaaaaaaaay says:

    Very cool! =D

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